Kelli (flatxchewxlate) wrote,

NYE was great. Played bingo for hours. Made the biggest confetti mess ever. Drank lots of wine. It was actually a really great night.

I ended up staying at my cousin's house, because they were going to the movies on the 1st to see King Kong and I wanted to see it too. AWESOME MOVIE! I ended up staying up all night working on my blanket. I got about 8 inches more done. I took a couple stackers to make sure I didn't fall asleep through the movie. They didn't agree with me today. I ended up feeling like I was on the verge of vomiting all day. I took them around 5am, and still felt sick when I woke up at 7pm. My heart hurt too. It felt like I was dying. It wasn't cool at all.


I am severely irritated with John right now. The Jennifer drama is starting up again and I'm getting way sick of it. It's the same shit every time. He gets some sort of "sign" that she's gonna call...few days later, she actually calls and wants to talk or visit...he spends the next week complaining to me about her, how he wants her to stop calling, how he thinks it's rude for her to still be talking to him even though she's married and her husband isn't comfortable with it, how he's so over her blah fucking blah...a couple weeks pass with no word from few days, he complains about how she's probably fucking up her life doing this that or the other thing...some more weeks pass...he seems to forget about her...then he gets a "sign" again and it starts all over again.

He seems to not inderstand that the only reason she still calls and visits is because he allows it. It will not stop until he learns to say no. She is using him because she knows he'll never say no. But what do I know!? I'm just a stupid youngin who don't know shit about love!

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