Kelli (flatxchewxlate) wrote,

This is such an insanely depressing time right now.

I'm jobless and poor.
John is jobless and about to lose his apartment.
My mom's boyfriend is about to lose his apartment.
Jess is going through bad depression.
Oshy's husband passed away.
My sister's marriage isn't working out.
Eric's marriage is about to end.
Sean's seasonal job is ending.

Like...seriously, coudl it possibly get any worse? It makes me wonder exactly how much we, as human beings, are supposed to deal with. Exactly how much pain and suffering do we have to go through before the sun breaks through the clouds? When do we get a break?

I mean, christ, I know they say "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," but holy fuck, how much stronger must we be? Sometimes, I think I don't want to be strong. There's too much negativity in being strong. And even when we are strong and we push ourselves through our trials and tribulations, we just get more!

How depressing.
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